4 Ingredients, 2 by Rachael Bermingham

4 Ingredients, 2

Rachael Bermingham and Kim McCosker
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If saving time and money in the kitchen is coupled with a desire to serve up fast, fabulous and flavoursome food, then this book is the cookbook for you. The ladies have teamed up again, after receiving loads of feedback at hundreds of events around Australia.

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the reader time and money in the kitchen.

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  • This book is great the recipes are fast, easy and you can save money. You will use it all the time and it will help you to spend less on takeaways. I would incourage you to get it.

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  • 4 ingredients has helped me save time on preparing meals and i have noticed my grociery bill it less because im not buying as much as i use to. However i still find myself adding things in for extra flavour.

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  • This book is the perfect present for any busy woman, I have given it as gifts and I keep getting calls about how useful it is. I have it myself and always refer to it, the ingredients are thing we all have in every pantry or fridge and it suggests so many ways to use up all those bits and pieces you may not know what to do with.... Truely a money saver.

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4 Ingredients, 2