4 Ingredients by Rachael Bermingham

4 Ingredients

Rachael Bermingham and Kim McCosker
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Quick, easy and delicious recipes to wow your friends and family, using only 4 or fewer ingredients

Publisher Description

Has over 340 quick, easy and very delicious recipes that can easily whip up a wow your friends and family, and all with only 4 or less ingredients. You won't need to spend a fortune in measuring utensils. To use '4 ingredients' all you will need is 1 cup, 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon, it's cooking made real easy!

Shortlisted for Nielsen BookData/ABA Book of the Year Award - Booksellers' Choice 2008.

Author Biography

Kim was born in Stanthorpe, Australia, and raised there until moving to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland where she lives with her husband Glen and three sons Morgan, Hamilton and Flynn. Rachel Bermingham was born in Stanthorpe before moving to the Sunshine Coast, Australia, at 11 where she grew up and still resides with her husband, Paul, her son Jaxson and two stepchildren, Lee and Teri.

User Reviews
  • This book is AWESOME, as a starving student this book is great ! Before this book, i was embarresed to cook for my room mates but now we all can eat healthy edible meals. Simple easy to follow recipies, great for students, families and anyone who wants to learn how to cook. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED

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  • A lot of the recipies are quite plain, however the basics are there so some one who has never cooked before has a good chance of producing something edible. Some prior kitchen/ cooking knowledge required. Great tips on healthy eating and kids lunchbox snacks. all in all, great for beginners.

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4 Ingredients