Five Star Expressions - With Love From Sam by Rachel Carrington

Five Star Expressions - With Love From Sam

Rachel Carrington
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  • ISBN
    9781594144158 / 159414415X
  • Title Five Star Expressions - With Love From Sam
  • Author Rachel Carrington
  • Category Romance
  • Format
    Board Books
  • Year 2005
  • Publisher
    Five Star
  • Edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 14mm x 19mm x 218mm


Karyn Morgan thought her life would end when the car she was driving spun out of control and capsized, killing her two-year-old son Sam. But she soon learns that agony carries its own life sentence when she discovers her husband, Jace, has never forgiven her; at least, that's what Karyn believes. What she doesn't know is that he is trying to deal with his own grief over their loss. Now, their marriage is on the verge of collapse and it will take a miracle to save it. Enter Jolene Weatherford, Karyn's grandmother. A brusque woman with a sharp tongue, she takes it upon herself to see to the resurrection of the Morgans' marriage. The problem? Jolene Weatherford is dead. But she's come back with a message from Sam: He wants his parents back together. The only question is, will Karyn and Jace listen to a ghost?< P>Rachel Carrington is a multi-published author of fantasy and paranormal romance. She lives on the East Coast.

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Five Star Expressions - With Love From Sam