I am an Executioner by Rajesh Parameswaran

I am an Executioner

Rajesh Parameswaran
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A vivid, astonishing new debut collection from a new international literary talent

Publisher Description

A Bengal tiger wakes up one morning realising he is ravenously in love. A pompous railway supervisor in a small Indian village bites off more than he can chew when a peculiar new clerk arrives on his doorstep. In another place and in another time, a secret agent who spends her days watching the front door of an unknown quarry discovers something she isn't meant to. An immigrant housewife in an American suburb geeing up for Thanksgiving makes a wish she may come to regret. And a small and famous country's only executioner claims his conscience is as clean as his heavy, washed stones. With this glittering, savage and elegant first collection, where reality loops in mind-bending twists and dazzles with cinematic exuberance, where frayed photographs take on a life of their own and where elephants wish only to die with dignity, Rajesh Parameswaran bursts onto the literary landscape as an astonishing new talent.

Truly original ... Parmeswaran is a young Indian writer with a talent to watch ... the brutal comedy and the plot's twists and turns were so gripping that I finished the whole book in one sitting ... his dazzling skills with language and characters make each story a miniature masterpiece Daily Mail Stories that are savagely funny, stories that haunt and sear and stun, stories so original they defy categorization above all, stories generously laden with sheer reading pleasure: I Am an Executioner is a brilliant and spellbinding collection Manil Suri I am an Executioner gets the pulse racing from word one. I love Rajesh because his last name is even more impossible than my own, and because he has redefined the American short story for me. Bravo! Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story The word “dazzling” is more often used than deserved in criticism but this is truly a dazzling, not to mention riotously funny and savagely memorable book Irish Times Each of these wild, utterly inventive stories is rich and satisfying in its own way. Parameswaran writes by his own rules, with brilliant results Nell Freudenburger, author of The Newlyweds In this debut collection, original, quirky and written with panache, Rajesh Parameswaran explores troubled lives - both human and animal - with compassion and humour. Readers will remember these unusual stories for a long time Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, author of Palace of Illusions This collection fizzes with a mesmeric, restless energy. Rajesh Parameswaran makes us believe the unbelievable - in his hands the fantastic becomes intimate and human Tash Aw Wonderful stories - like small, deft carnivals entering our desert cities and cranky towns to, for a while, muster us into feeling, resolution, and happiness, before they go on their way. We can't help but be grateful for them Charlie Smith, author of Word Comix: Poems His narrative virtuosity - his relentless forcing of the reader to readjust to new fictive surroundings, to play the game of getting to grips with who is speaking, where, and how we interpret it - makes I Am an Executioner peculiarly distinctive Times Literary Supplement Times Literary Supplement

Author Biography

Rajesh Parameswaran was born in Chennai, India and moved to the United States as an infant. His short stories have appeared in Granta, McSweeney's, Zoetrope: All-Story and Fiction. 'The Strange Career of Doctor Raju Gopalarajan' was one of three stories for which McSweeney's won the National Magazine Award for Fiction in 2007, and it was included in The Best American Magazine Writing and in The United States of McSweeney's: Ten Years of Accidental Classics. Rajesh Parameswaran lives in New York.

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I am an Executioner