Trade and Treachery: Western Europe 1494-1610 by Richard Bodley Scott

Trade and Treachery: Western Europe 1494-1610

Richard Bodley Scott and Nik Gaukroger
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While the Renaissance was a time of innovation and inspiration in art, literature and science, so too was it a period of military progress. From the rise of gunpowder as a battlefield-dominating weapon to the tactical genius of Machiavelli, the Italian Wars were the first step on this journey. With detailed army lists, historical overviews, maps and artwork, “Trade and Treachery” provides aspiring condottieri with everything they need to take over the armies of the Italian City States, and of the European powers of the 16th century, and lead them to glory.

Author Biography

Richard Bodley Scott has been wargaming since a very young age. Richard is co-author of wargaming rules DBA, DBM, DBR and HOTT. He lives and works as a doctor in South Wales.

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Trade and Treachery: Western Europe 1494-1610