Building the It Consulting Practice by Rick Freedman

Building the It Consulting Practice

Rick Freedman
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It takes more than technical expertise to be an information technology (IT) consultant! That simple premise has been the foundation of Rick Freedman's previous books, The “IT Consultant” and “The eConsultant,” In his books, columns, and his consulting practice, international expert and advisor Rick Freedman has coached thousands of IT experts in the behaviors and best practices of the consulting profession. His books and columns have achieved worldwide readership and established Freedman as a leading expert in the area of IT services and consulting. Now, Freedman turns his focus to the managers and entrepreneurs who build and direct IT professional services firms. In this comprehensive volume, Freedman shows that it takes more than consulting skills to be a successful IT entrepreneur or manager! “Building the IT Consulting Practice” addresses the full range of issues that IT service firms face every day, from recruiting and retaining talented consultants, to marketing and selling complex solutions, to managing the financial metrics of utilization, rate, and profit.

Based on his twenty years of experience as an IT consultant and firm manager, and his exposure to the good and bad of IT practice through his consulting engagements with leading IT firms worldwide, Freedman helps IT entrepreneurs and managers navigate the complex challenges of succeeding in the crowded and competitive IT services arena. Full of real-world stories and case histories, as well as the “tips and tricks” of an experienced coach and mentor, Building the IT Consulting Practice is the essential first step in the path towards success as an IT services firm entrepreneur, manager, or consultant.

Publisher Description

Building the IT Practice is a clear and practical guide organized to help design, build, and manage lucrative consulting practices. Building on the advisory methodologies described in the author's previous book, The IT Consultant, this book goes beond the personal practices and behaviors presented in that work to offer a roadmap to the creation of an IT Professional Services business. This book focuses on the basics of building a consulting business, dicussing such core issues as the creation of a unique marketing message, the design of a firm-wide delivery methodology, and the recruitment and retention of world-class sales and talent.

“...he intelligently observes his field and takes sound positions on almost everything.” (Consulting to Management, Vol 15, no. 2; 6/1/2004) “...the essential first step in the path towards success as an IT services firm entrepreneur, manager, or consultant...” ( March 20, 2003)

Author Biography

Rick Freedman is an author, journalist, consultant, and trainer. His previous books The IT Consultant and The eConsultant have achieved worldwide readership. Rick writes the “Consultant Master Class” column for, the IT professional web community. He teaches IT project management, IT consulting, and information technology courses at the college level at various institutions in the United States. Rick is the founder and CEO of Consulting Strategies, Inc., dedicated to helping IT service firms develop world-class consulting practices, and in the last year has trained and consulted for global IT firms across the United States and in the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Japan, and China. Visit Rick's website at or contact him at .

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Building the It Consulting Practice