I Will Fear No Evil by Robert A. Heinlein

I Will Fear No Evil

Robert A. Heinlein
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  • ISBN
    9780441359172 / 0441359175
  • Title I Will Fear No Evil
  • Author Robert A. Heinlein
  • Category Science Fiction
  • Format
    Mass Market Paperback
  • Year 1987
  • Pages 512
  • Publisher
    Ace Books
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 104mm x 30mm x 173mm

Author Biography

Robert A Heinlein is considered one of the Big Three of classic science fiction (along with Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke).? Heinlein is a seven-time Hugo Award recipient and was given the first Grand Master Nebula Award for lifetime achievement. Heinlein's juveniles alone have influenced generations of scientists, engineers and creators the world over (for instance, it was once estimated that everyone in the Apollo 11 mission control room had read and loved at least one Heinlein novel). His worldwide bestsellers include"Have Space Suit?Will Travel, Stranger in a Strange Land, Starship Tro

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I Will Fear No Evil