Journals of Robert Rogers of the Rangers by Robert Rogers

Journals of Robert Rogers of the Rangers

Robert Rogers
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'The thrilling true account of a famous woodsman, scout & guerilla leader during the formative yearsof the American Nation'In the evocative pages of Rogers own journal we are taken through a landscape of dark untrodden forest where danger from hostile Indians and the French Army threaten every step. Famous exploits of guerilla warfare are graphically told, including battles and ambushes on America's lakes, the devastating 'Fight on Snowshoes' and the raid against the Abanakee's village at St, Francis, recounted across time by Rogers himself.

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Robert Rogers is Professor of English at the Center for the Psychological Study of the Arts at the State University of New York at Buffalo. His previous books include The Double in Literature and Metaphor: A Psychoanalytic View.

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  • Take an authentic trip through wild America's Frontier with a legendary Soldier in his own words- an amazing account of real life History by a Famous Family member.

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Journals of Robert Rogers of the Rangers