The Malaria Capers: Tales of Parasites and People by Robert S. Desowitz

The Malaria Capers: Tales of Parasites and People

Robert S. Desowitz
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"Reads like a murder mystery. . . . [Desowitz] writes with uncommon lucidity and verse, leaving the reader with a vivid understanding of malaria and other tropical diseases, and the ways in which culture, climate and politics have affected their spread and containment."-New York Times

Publisher Description

This text serves as an introduction to networking technologies, providing an overview of topics and teaching their relevance to business and the Internet. By using a simple illustrated storytelling technique, it provides readers new to networking, as well as more seasoned IT professionals, with a reference to networking concepts.

Just as it was not necessary to be an astrophysicist to feel the grandeur and scope of Stephen Hawking's “A Brief History of Time,” it is not necessary to be a parasitologist or specialist in tropical medicine to relate to the drama, tragedy and even romance of Desowitz's fascinating and provocative story. . . . Interesting and important. "

Author Biography

Robert S. Desowitz, a leading epidemiologist, is the author of “New Guinea Tape Worms and Jewish Grandmothers” and “The Malaria Capers”, among other books. He lives in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

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The Malaria Capers: Tales of Parasites and People