Morality Matters by Roger Trigg

Morality Matters

Roger Trigg
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  • ISBN
    9780631235958 / 0631235957
  • Title Morality Matters
  • Author Roger Trigg
  • Category Ethics & Moral Philosophy
  • Format
  • Year 2004
  • Pages 179
  • Publisher
    Blackwell Publishers
  • Imprint Blackwell Publishers
  • Edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 153mm x 14mm x 230mm


Does morality still matter in the Western world today?
What is the basis of claims to human rights?
How are local loyalties - to family or nation - to be reconciled with our global responsibilities?
Are there limits on the rights of groups?
Does law need a moral basis?

In this timely book, Roger Trigg examines and defends the role of morality in our social and political lives. Rather than limiting the scope of morality to private choices, Trigg argues that we need to acknowledge the moral foundations of our political way of life in the West, in order that we are better able to live and flourish nationally and internationally.

Publisher Description

Morality still matters, argues philosopher Roger Trigg, in this accessible introduction to moral thinking.
Written for general readers with no background in philosophy.
Argues that we need a shared moral vision in order to live together, both nationally and internationally.
Considers the need for a shared morality in relation to subjects of vital importance such as human rights.
Stresses that private behaviour cannot be kept separate from public choices.
Discusses matters of topical debate on both sides of the Atlantic.

“ 'This is the book that should be given to every minister in the current government, to slow the silly progress of their social engineering projects.' This is good, clear, serious teaching, timely and relevant. For a comprehensive study of rights and law, the clash of ideals and competing claims, the demands of social and political groupings and how to decide between them in equity and justice, this is an admirable piece of sound writing. If you are a non-philosopher, you should end the book wiser ... ” New Directions, November 2004 “In Morality Matters Roger Trigg takes his readers on a romp through classical and contemporary questions of moral philosophy and political theory. Trigg does not purport to provide all the answers. His gift is for raising the right questions in the right contexts and provoking us to think about them more and more deeply. Both specialists and general readers will find much of value in this book.” Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University " ... there is quite a lot to be learned here. [Trigg] makes a very, very good case for the position that moral choices lie behind everything we do, that relativism can undermine our ability to talk or think rationally about moral choices, and that a greater focus on our moral values is a necessary condition to political, social, and personal progress.“ ”The book is accessible and can be recommended to all those who are interested in political ethics." Puleng LenkaBula, University of South Africa, Religion & Theology

Author Biography

Roger Trigg is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick and was the Founding Chairman of the British Philosophical Association. His previous books include Ideas of Human Nature (Blackwell, Second Edition, 1999), Understanding Social Science (Blackwell, Second Edition, 2001), and Philosophy Matters (Blackwell, 2002).

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Morality Matters