Reset: Changing the Way We Look at Video Games by Rusel DeMaria

Reset: Changing the Way We Look at Video Games

Rusel DeMaria
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Video games can actually be good for you?and Rusel DeMaria (whose books on video games have sold 2 million copies) proves it. In this insider's analysis of the increasingly violent and uncreative video gaming industry, he offers a roadmap for parents, educators, gamers, and industry insiders to leverage the inherent potential of games to promote positive personal and social change.

Publisher Description

Over the past decade, Video games have come to rely on violent and antisocial content with more realistic and often gruesome graphics and sound effects. Couple this with the global expansion in gaming and it's potential for destructive addiction, and the future of video games seems gloomy. Unfortunately, game companies have little incentive to change the kind of games they produce. They look to minimize risk by producing games that follow successful patterns of design. And as less attention is given to innovation, the evolution of games has slowed and even stagnated. In Reset, gaming journalist and best selling author Rusel DeMaria champions the evolution of a new perspective on games that would inspire designs that offer positive benefits to those who play them. DeMaria introduces readers to the basic concepts of two important topics: the nature of play and how people learn. He demonstrates how video games contain power to teach and engage at the same time. Through games, DeMaria shows, we can foster new attitudes, and present effective modes of communication or critical thinking. Both domestically and internationally, games can even help erode prejudices and resolve conflict.
Games' power to promote change stems not only from their popularity, he argues, but also from their ability to teach through interactive experiences while not seeming to teach at all.

Author Biography

Rusel DeMaria has been writing about games and the game industry since 1981. he has been a senior editor for three national magazines, a columnist for newspapers and magazines nationally and internationally. He co-founded the most successful strategy guide publishing imprint in the gaming industry and has written more than 60 books, most of them in the game field. He has also designed games, and consulted with game companies as an analyst. He lives in Cave Junction OR.

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Reset: Changing the Way We Look at Video Games