Moment of Truth by Sally D. John

Moment of Truth

Sally D. John
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Bryan O'Shaugnessy unknowingly falls for an undercover cop named Cara, who is posing as a volunteer in his church's soup kitchen. Against a backdrop of hide-and-seek with criminals who will stop at nothing, Bryan tries to convince Cara that she will find happiness with him.

Publisher Description

Before Cara Fleming became a detective for the Chicago Police Department, she lived in the shadowy depths of homelessness. Now, when her apartment is set ablaze in an attempt to stop one of her investigations, she plunges undercover into street life again to protect herself.

Bryan O'Shaugnessy, an Episcopal priest on the south side of Chicago, has a new project on his hands: the soup kitchen his church sponsors. Overworked, harried, and lonely, he finds himself surprisingly drawn to the new volunteer named Cara. Against this backdrop of hide-and-seek with criminals who will stop at nothing, Bryan unexpectedly meets the love of his life. Will he be able to convince Cara to accept the possibility of a home with him?

“Sally John does such a tremendous job creating believable settings and genuine characters. Gabe and Tern are delightful, and you find yourself rooting for them, as they attempt to make sense of their world while following their faith and facing tragedy.”

Author Biography

Sally John is a former teacher and the author of six books.

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Moment of Truth