How to Be a Baby: By Me, the Big Sister by Sally Lloyd-Jones

How to Be a Baby: By Me, the Big Sister

Sally Lloyd-Jones
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  • ISBN
    9780375838439 / 0375838430
  • Title How to Be a Baby: By Me, the Big Sister
  • Author Sally Lloyd-Jones
  • Category General Fiction (children's/ya)
  • Format
  • Year 2007
  • Pages 32
  • Publisher
    Schwartz & Wade Books
  • Imprint RH USA Kids Tde
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 228mm x 8mm x 296mm


An all-knowing big sister offers her baby sibling this hilarious guide on to how to behave, from keeping a special plug in his mouth to stop a scream from coming out to learning that one day he'll be taller and smarter than he is now. Full color.

Publisher Description

The “New York Times” praised this best-selling picture book as “adorable, original, well-illustrated and fabulous.” In this first book in the How-To Series (which includes “How To Get Married” and “How to Get a Job”), the know-it-all big sister narrator tells it like it is: When you're a baby you don't read books. You eat them. You don't know how old you are, or even if you're a boy or a girl. And you have to keep a special plug in your mouth to stop your scream from coming out. But one day, you won't be little anymore, and then you'll be taller and smarter, and actually quite clever. Like the narrator. And you'll be able to share memories of what it was like when you were little with your incredible Big Sister.

Author Biography

Sally Lloyd-Jones is a leading writer of inspirational books for children, with an expertise in conveying biblical truth to young children. She is the author of three bestselling children's Bibles, including the Gold Book Award-winning Baby's First Bible and, most recently, the Moonbeam Award Winner—The Jesus Storybook Bible. She has written many picture books for children, including Handbag Friends, Time to Say Goodnight and the critically acclaimed, How to Be a Baby: By Me, the Big Sister. A native of England, Sally lives in New York City and can be found at SPANI

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How to Be a Baby: By Me, the Big Sister