Break Free from Your Prison by Sara Angel

Break Free from Your Prison

Sara Angel
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Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Sara Angel took an amazing two weeks to complete 'Break Free From Your Prison'. As Sara obeyed the Lord's urgent instructions, the Holy Spirit guided her with visions and put impressions in her heart that overflowed in the form of words, day and night until she received the peace towards the end of the completion of the book. This book will challenge the man and women out there that the Lord Jesus is the only one who can set us free from the captive of the devil and the only one who can release us from our own prison of hurts, fears, doubt, guilt and even comfort zone. It is the desire of our Lord Jesus for us to live a life of freedom and great abundance in Him. But those and other breakthroughs in our life can only take place after we have taken the first step of accepting Jesus Christ into our heart and then surrendering our sinful nature and desire to His will. This book will show how God can manifest his love and realize his will for us and how He could speak to us and into our personal lives.

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Break Free from Your Prison