Twisted Souls by Shaun Hutson

Twisted Souls

Shaun Hutson
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  • ISBN
    9781841496412 / 1841496413
  • Title Twisted Souls
  • Author Shaun Hutson
  • Category Horror & Ghost Stories
  • Format
  • Year 2006
  • Pages 336
  • Publisher
    Little, Brown Book Group
  • Imprint Orbit
  • Edition
    New edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 108mm x 177mm x 21mm


Two men, two women... one nightmare...

Publisher Description

Imagine your worst fear. A fear that eats away at you - fear of death, of illness, of needles, of fire. Even of feelings. The people who live in Roxton know what it's like to live like that. But they have no choice. Emma Tate had lived with her fear of losing everything for more than two years. Her job is in jeopardy, her parents have been killed in a car crash, her life is collapsing around her. She, her husband and two friends attempt to seek peace in a luxury house in the countryside close to Roxton for two weeks. But the village of Roxton LIKES fear - it has a force within it which needs fear to sustain it and help it grow. And Emma and her companions cannot avoid becoming fearful...For Emma and the others there will be no waking from THIS nightmare...

'Shaun Hutson is significantly better than many other Brits. His short, cliffhanger-capped chapters propel you through the story at pace; Hutson takes us, breathless, over the finish line at a point where King or Koontz would still be doing their stretching exercises' - SFX 'One of the best fiction books of the year and one that has strengthened Shaun Hutson's reputation as Britain's greatest living horror genre author' - Dark Side

Author Biography

Shaun Hutson is a bestselling author of horror fiction and has written novels under eight different pseudonyms. He has also contributed stories to 'Kerrang' and 'Raw' and used to host Sky TV's 'Monsters of Rock' programme.

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Twisted Souls