Quantum Theory of Conducting Matter by Shigeji Fujita

Quantum Theory of Conducting Matter

Shigeji Fujita and Keiichi R. Ito
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In a complex field, this work is a first. The authors make an important connection between the conduction electrons and the Fermi surface in an elementary manner in the text. No currently available text explains this connection. They do this by deriving Newtonian equations of motion for the Bloch electron and diagonalizing the inverse mass (symmetric) tensor. The authors plan to follow up this book with a second, more advanced book on superconductivity and the Quantum Hall Effect.

Author Biography

Shigeji Fujita is Professor of Physics at State University of New York at Buffalo and has published 3 books with the Springer family since 1996. His areas of expertise include statistical physics, solid and liquid state physics, superconductivity and Quantum Hall Effect theory. Kei Ito is also a Professor of Physics at the State University of New York at Buffalo, while on leave from the National Center for University Entrance Examinations in Tokyo, Japan.

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Quantum Theory of Conducting Matter