Team X Robo Rex by Shoo Rayner

Team X Robo Rex

Shoo Rayner
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Team X is an outstanding addition to the Oxford Literacy series and has been developed for the whole school - for the early years through to Year 6. Team X has been extensively researched and trialled in schools to make absolutely sure that it's what kids want! Team X builds fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Fluency and vocabulary are important skills and are both crucial stepping stones to comprehension, which for any reader may be considered the main goal of reading. Step 1: Listen to the audio bookAn adult mentor with a particular area of expertise (the eXpert) introduces themselves and relates the cluster theme to their own experience. The mentor reads all or some sections of the book. Step 2: Read the bookThe student then reads the book, either in a guided reading or independent reading situation. Step 3: Write your responses to the question on the activity cardFor all levels, there are two writing activities related to the content or theme of the book, often scaffolded, with a graphic organiser. There are also two additional activities that link to other curriculum learning areas.

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Team X Robo Rex