Bodies by Simon Andrew Stubbs


Simon Andrew Stubbs
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The new house had all the trappings of any other stately home; countless bedrooms, acres of garden, lavish reception room, a dead body, slowly de-composing in the shade of the potting shed. What if you woke one day to find you were re-living your past? Would you do it all the same again? Or would you change the things you didn't like? Even if it hurt the ones you were supposed to love. Even if it put them in mortal danger. Really, what would you do? A cat that barks like a dog, a pretty novel trick at first, but when things become a little more serious the fun soon wears off; like when human beings are turning into hamsters and city skylines are disappearing, and pillars of soot are towering up into the blood red inferno that was once the sky. Their love was unrivalled, dramatic, passionate, all-encompassing and divine. Nothing could spoil it, that is apart from the masked killer who haunts their dreams and threatens to turn all they love to ash and bones. Four stories. Four shocking twists in the tale. One dangerous mind. Simon Andrew Stubbs Bodies

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