Everything You Need to Know about the World by Simon Eliot

Everything You Need to Know about the World

Simon Eliot
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Packed full of humorous facts and trivia. Short-listed for the New Zealand Children's Books Award and has been on the NZ kids' bestseller list since its publication. Supported by terrific, zany Simon Eliot website: Simon Eliot TV quiz show and mobile-phone games soon to be launched. Can be listened to in sequence or at random and will be bookmarked on the audio edition accordingly. Did you know that funnel-web spiders can bite through fingernails? That most piranhas are vegetarian? That killer bees are the result of an experiment gone wrong? That a man with athlete's foot once fed parts of his decaying foot to his pet Venus flytrap - and it ate it? Yep, I know a lot of cool stuff. Welcome to my world, where one weird thing leads to another...amusing, unconventional compendium of factual triviaa magnet for the pre-teen readers.' - Magpies Magazine. Contains oodles of interesting facts Pack this one for long drives.' - Sunday Age. Written in kid language with kid terms, your kid will just love it!' - Single Parent Bible

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Everything You Need to Know about the World