Last Word by Solomon Etchie Okpa

Last Word

Solomon Etchie Okpa
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My search for libration from poverty and want led me to lock myself in my room to confront God with this question: GOD IF YOU ARE ME WHAT WOULD YOU DO? My resolution was not to leave until the answer comes: “LIFE IS ALL ABOUT DISCOVERY” was the word I heard. But I was needy and poverty stricken with little or nothing to liberate myself save my certificates, then I turned to God in prayers, “God bless me and make me rich” the date was 24th of September 2002, then came the answer “read Haggai 2:18,19 Consider now from this day and upward, from the four and twentieth day of the ninth month................: FROM THIS DAY I WILL BLESS YOU.” This led to the title: “the last WORD” andvolume 1 “Pray and get Rich.”
The essence of the book is to open the eyes of Christians that when all have failed with the right kind of prayers made liberation is guaranteed. But first internal cleansing and reorientation must take place. The reader would journey through a series of activities that will make him “God-like,” through the unveiling of “How to make things happen” it is an eye opener for one creating what is desired and the path of his life.
The last word is a search series, it holds answers to all of life's issues, no matter the search it is in the book, the crux is the last volume which dealt with the challenge God posses to man and why man cannot attain his ultimate goal as long as God is relegated. The Last Word holds the key to ones liberation, wealth and creation.

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Last Word