Isaac Albeniz: 26 Pieces Arranged for Guitar by Stanley Yates

Isaac Albeniz: 26 Pieces Arranged for Guitar

Stanley Yates
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  • ISBN
    9780786649358 / 0786649356
  • Title Isaac Albeniz: 26 Pieces Arranged for Guitar
  • Author Stanley Yates
  • Category Songbooks
  • Format
  • Year 1999
  • Pages 191
  • Publisher
    Mel Bay Publications
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 220mm x 13mm x 297mm


This comprehensive edition brings together all of the standard pieces in the adopted Albeniz “guitar repertoire” along with additional pieces that complete many of the suites and other groupings as published during the composer's lifetime. These solo arrangements were made while consulting the earliest editions of the piano originals, and are faithful to Albeniz tempo indications, dynamics, phrasing slurs, and other expression markings. The selections are: Pavana-Capriccio, Op. 12 (1992); Suite espanola, Op. 47 (1886); Recuerdos de viaje, Op. 92 (1888); Doce piezas espanolas, Op. 164 (1889); Espana, seis hojas de album, Op. 165 (1890); Serenata espanola (Cadiz, cancion), Op. 181 (1890); Mallorca, barcarola, Op. 202 (1890); Zambra granadina, danse orientale, WoO (1891); Cadiz-gaditana, WoO (1891); and Chants d'Espagne, Op. 232 (1891-1894). Carefully researched and meticulously fingered in the scholarly manner one would expect from Stanley Yates.

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Isaac Albeniz: 26 Pieces Arranged for Guitar