Booke of Days (Trade) by Stephen J. Rivele

Booke of Days (Trade)

Stephen J. Rivele
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  • ISBN
    9780786704620 / 0786704624
  • Title Booke of Days (Trade)
  • Author Stephen J. Rivele
  • Category Historical Fiction
  • Format
  • Year 1998
  • Pages 448
  • Publisher
    Westview Press
  • Imprint Carroll & Graf Publishers Inc
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 155mm x 28mm x 229mm


In “A Booke of Days”, Rivele brilliantly recreates the First Crusade of 1096, a brutal, ungodly expedition of greed and conquest. “An absorbing and intelligent look at a fascinating period of history”.—“Publishers Weekly”.

Publisher Description

A Booke of Days is the captivating story of a young French nobleman, Roger, Duke of Lunel, who leaves his home in Provence in the 11th century to join the forces that will attempt to recapture Jerusalem from its Turkish occupiers. Forced to leave his new wife by the sacred commitment of an armed pilgrimage, he is plagued by guilt over a secret sin from his past and his own religious doubt that arises during his mission. The holy crusade on which Roger embarks soon degenerates into a savage campaign dogged by betrayal, deceit and greed. Yet this was the greatest adventure of its time, where a hundred thousand medieval men who had previously never traveled much beyond their own villages undertook a journey halfway across the known world for the promise of salvation. Most would never see their homelands again. And for Roger, this greatest of all spiritual undertakings is an intensely human quest: a war of new and old ideas, a collision of cultures, an awakening prompted as much by slaughter as sanctity, a battle of the flesh as well as the spirit.

Author Biography

STEPHEN J. RIVELE is an Oscar-nominated screenwriter (Nixon and Ali) and the author of books that include A Booke of Days.

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Booke of Days (Trade)