News as it Happens by Stephen Lamble

News as it Happens

Stephen Lamble
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  • ISBN
    9780195567229 / 0195567226
  • Title News as it Happens
  • Author Stephen Lamble
  • Category Press & Journalism
    Media Studies
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 512
  • Publisher
    Oxford University Press Australia
  • Imprint OUP Australia and New Zealand
  • Dimensions 254mm x 190mm x 23mm


A comprehensive guide for journalism students. It provides practical guidelines for working as a journalist in an age of changing media technologies. Author from University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Publisher Description

News reporting and dissemination is no longer a once-a-day occurrence but an instant connection to the audience. News as it Happens reflects this change, providing practical guidelines for working as a journalist in the age of rapidly evolving media technologies. It provides students with both a strong foundation that can be used across the breadth of their studies and the specific skills required across various media platforms, demonstrating the need for students to adapt to the dramatic technological advancements in the world of news and news reporting.

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News as it Happens