Stories of Manhood by Steve Biddulph

Stories of Manhood

Steve Biddulph
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Biddulph has selected a wealth of impressive writing about the inner world of being a man: a widowed father learns to show love to his sons; a world famous author remembers a personal tragedy; a soldier in a civil war faces his fears; a woman discovers why her father never hugged her, and more.

Publisher Description

In this companion volume to the bestselling book Manhood, Steve Biddulph selects a wealth of uplifting and stimulating writing about the experience of being a man. By turns powerful, heartrending, wise and funny, these stories are chosen with a single purpose - to break down the narrow stereotypes that men are crushed into. A widowed father learns to show love to his sons, A world famous author remembers a personal tragedy, A soldier in a civil war faces his fears, A woman discovers why her father never hugged her, A leading Australian describes his abuse by the Christian Brothers, A teacher tells why she loves teaching boys, Cartoons by Michael Leunig. And powerful, funny and illuminating jewels of men's writing including a Dilbert view on why men really don't rule the world. Contributors include: Bill Bryson, Peter Carey, Michael Leunig, Bob Ellis, Leo Schofield, Elliot Perlman, Quan Yeomans, Scott Adams, Val Maslen, Nancy Lerner, Mohamed H Khadra, David Quammen, Alden Nowlan, Simon Carr, JJ Bell, John Allan, Charles Fransen, Ian Hargreaves, John J Pungente, Simon McCulloch, Michael Pollard, Bill Brandt, Adam Mitchel, Major John Petrie and Barbie Dutter.

'Biddulph...presents here an often-brilliant gathering of writings on the exposed male self... There is Leo Schofield's fine piece on his at-times Christian Brothers schooling, Peter Carey's masterful tale of an abortion and fatherhood...and Bob Ellis's utterly heartbreaking story of his mother's passing. There is some great writing here for everyone.' Matt Condon, journalist and author of The Pillow Fight and The Trout Opera.

Author Biography

Steve Biddulph is Australia's best-known family therapist and parenting author. His books, including Raising Boys, Stories of Manhood, Manhood, The Secret of Happy Children and The Making of Love, are popular all over the world.

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Stories of Manhood