Coventry City On This Day by Steve Phelps

Coventry City On This Day

Steve Phelps
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Coventry City On This Day chronicles, in diary form, the major events in the club's history. With individual entries for every day, and multiple listings for more historic and busier days, the book includes all the club's big matches, promotions, cup runs, significant events and sensational signings.

Author Biography

Steve Phelps was born in Coventry in July 1974 and began watching the Sky Blues in 1979/80. He lived in Coventry until the close season of 1996 when he transferred to the West Country. His favourite Coventry City players are Steve Whitton, Terry Gibson, Dave Bennett and Noel Whelan. This is his fourth book after Coventry City On This Day, It'll Be Different Next Year and January and the Season's Over. Steve lives near Bristol with his wife Emma and their six year old twin daughters, Aimee and Jolie.

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Coventry City On This Day