Arms of Nemesis by Steven Saylor

Arms of Nemesis

Steven Saylor
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  • ISBN
    9781849016131 / 1849016135
  • Title Arms of Nemesis
  • Author Steven Saylor
  • Category Historical Fiction
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 448
  • Publisher
    Little, Brown Book Group
  • Imprint Robinson Publishing
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 133mm x 197mm x 32mm


A perfect blend of mystery and history from the bestselling author of Roma and Empire.

Publisher Description

South of Rome on the Gulf of Puteoli stands the splendid villa of Marcus Crassus, Rome's wealthiest citizen. When the estate overseer is murdered, Crasus concludes that the deed was done by two missing slaves, who have probably run off to join the Spartacus Slave Revolt. Unless they are found within five days, Crassus vows to massacre his remaining ninety-nine slaves. To Gordianus the Finder falls the fateful task of resolving this riddle from Hades. In a house filled with secrets, the truth is slow to emerge and Gordianus realizes that the labyrinthine path he has chosen just may lead to his own destruction.

Compulsively entertaining New York Times A marvellously authentic slice of antiquity that will serve as a savoury treat for fans both of mystery and historical fiction Booklist The best of two genres: a faithful and breezy historical novel and an entertaining whodunit. New York Times Sensuoulsy written...spellbinding Publishers Weekly

Author Biography

Steven Saylor's fascination with Ancient Rome began in childhood. A history graduate and former newspaper and magazine editor, he has now completed numerous novels featuring Gordianus the Finder as well has his epic novels of the Roman Empire, Roma and Empire. He lives in Berkeley, California.

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Arms of Nemesis