Developing Early Literacy 2nd edition by Susan Hill

Developing Early Literacy 2nd edition

Susan Hill
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Written for teacher education students and teachers working in early childhood settings, Developing Early Literacy is a handbook for understanding and teaching early literacy. The second edition of this book incorporates current findings from research on the teaching of language, literature and literacy. Hill, Uni of South Australia.

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This text focuses on the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening for children from birth to eight years, and is written for education students and practising teachers working in early childhood settings, including preschools and the first years of school. This second edition includes significant new content with links to the Australian National Curriculum English and the Early Years Learning Framework; evidenced-based assessment procedures for improving early language, reading and writing; practical examples of teaching strategies in action in a range of classrooms and settings; further information on oral language and its links to reading and writing; more information on vocabulary and on the development of comprehension strategies.

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Developing Early Literacy 2nd edition