My Hundred Lovers by Susan Johnson

My Hundred Lovers

Susan Johnson
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Lyrical and enigmatic, sensual and elegiac, My Hundred Lovers tells the history of one woman through her sensual and sexual experiences and relationships. A woman, on the eve of her sixtieth birthday, looks back on her story of sensual bodily experiences, with one hundred vignettes from a life adding up to one simple human truth.

Publisher Description

Lyrical and exquisite, My Hundred Lovers captures the sheer wonder of life, desire and love. A woman, on the eve of her fiftieth birthday, reflects on her days with one hundred scenes from a life adding up to a simple human truth. Character and sexual identity entwine and after all the emotion, the love, the hatred and the despair is done with, the great and trivial acts of her bodily life reveal an imperfect, yet whole self. By turns humorous, sharp, haunting and wise, this is an original and exhilarating novel from one of Australia's premier writers.

'Confronting the inevitable dessication of her ageing body, a woman reflects on her life as an erotic adventurer, and through these vivid stories of the flesh, a mind and a soul emerge in full. Susan Johnson is a writer in her prime, and her most enduring love affair is with language itself. ' - Geraldine Brooks

Shortlisted for Queensland Literary Awards: Courier-Mail People's Choice Queensland Book of the Year 2013.

Author Biography

Susan Johnson's books include Flying Lessons, A Big Life, Hungry Ghosts, Messages from Chaos, Womenlovesex (editor and contributor), Life in Seven Mistakes, The Broken Book and the memoir A Better Woman.

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My Hundred Lovers