Hexen 2.0 by Suzanne Treister

Hexen 2.0

Suzanne Treister
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  • ISBN
    9781907317637 / 1907317635
  • Title Hexen 2.0
  • Author Suzanne Treister
  • Category Individual Artists, Art Monographs
  • Format
  • Year 2012
  • Pages 160
  • Publisher
    Black Dog Publishing London UK
  • Imprint Black Dog Publishing London UK
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 231mm x 280mm x 22mm


HEXEN 2.0 is the sequel to HEXEN 2039, which imagined new technologies for psychological warfare through investigating links between the occult and the military in relation to histories of witchcraft, the US film industry, British Intelligence agencies, Soviet brainwashing and behaviour control experiments of the US Army.

Publisher Description

Suzanne Treister. The sequel to HEXEN 2039 from artist Suzanne Treister. HEXEN 2.0 charts the coming together of diverse scientific and social sciences through the development of cybernetics, the history of the internet and the rise of Web 2.0. Brought together in the form of drawings, diagrams, and texts.

“Suzanne Treister's ”HEXEN2.0“ is a marvellously rich, suggestive, erudite and important work....The material outcome is a set of 78 HEXEN2.0 Tarot cards and a book, both of them beautiful and stylish, and both operating at two levels, images and text.” “Mute Magazine”“Utterly hypnotising...A new generation kind of art.” “Tea Time in Wonderland”“Treister's ”HEXEN 2.0“ art book is truly spectacular...Suzanne Treister is probably my new hero...” “Anna McKerrow Blogspot”“The works here are truly fascinating and will appeal to both art lovers and those interested in technology and its origins.” “The Londonist”“The ”HEXEN2.0“ book would be a great delight on anyone's coffee table and the concepts and ideas presented through the medium of the Tarot could provide a wonderful talking point for years to come...In conclusion an amazing book and an amazing deck and a must for any serious Tarot collector.” “Paranormality Magazine”

Author Biography

Suzanne Treister studied at St Martin's School of Art and Chelsea School of Art and currently lives and works in London and Berlin. She is also the author of Hexen 2039: New Military-Occult Technologies for Psychological Warfare, a Rosalind Brodsky Research Programme and NATO: The Military Codification System for the Ordering of Everything in the World, both published by Black Dog Publishing London UK. Lars Bang Larsen is a theorist and curator who is based in Copenhagen. He is also an art historian at the University of Copenhagen.

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Hexen 2.0