Macaroons and Biscuits by The Australian Women's Weekly

Macaroons and Biscuits

The Australian Women's Weekly
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A delicious collection of recipes to make everybody's favourite tea time snack.

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will have immediate success.

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The Australian Women's Weekly is an extraordinarily successful global cookery brand, built over 30 years, having sold over 70 million books in over 100 countries around the world. So what's the secret? It's the world famous special Test Kitchen and the 3 Rs: RANGE, RELIABILITY & the RECIPES RANGE Delicious recipes for every occasion covering cuisine from around the world - where there's food, there's a Women's Weekly cookbook. RELIABILITY All the books are Triple Tested for guaranteed results. And finally, the RECIPES Each recipe is clearly and vividly photographed to illustrate your finished dish and they taste fantastic. It's not complicated and the recipes work - every time.

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Macaroons and Biscuits