Ancient Anger: Book One of the Ancient Spirit Series by Thomas K. Matthews

Ancient Anger: Book One of the Ancient Spirit Series

Thomas K. Matthews
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Publisher Description

There is a Mayan fable that predicts the world will end on December 22, 2012, the last day of the Mayan calendar. Many believe this is not just a story, but an ominous prediction, while others secretly fear it could be true. Book one of the ANCIENT SPIRIT series, ANCIENT ANGER tells the tale of two driven anthropologists searching for the truth, and then find it. When Dr. Albert Poliska uncovers a pristine Mayan wall carved with unreadable hieroglyphics in 1976, he sets in motion events that span 25 years of archeological turmoil, offering answers to questions about who the Mayans were, where they went and the possibility of their return. Dr. Richard Halden joins him in a quest to find Padre Mio, a 105 year old Mayan priest, hell bent on bringing the prophesy to fruition. His international cult still worships the ancient ways, from self mutilation to human sacrifice. Set in Los Angeles, the Yucatan peninsula, New York, Louisiana and Sedona Arizona, the story follows the fates of the anthropologists and Carlos, the murdering drug dealer, now doing the Padre's bidding. All lives cross as each strives to influence the possible fate of mankind.

Author Biography

Matthews, when not creating original art for the publishing industry, he writes. Fascinated by the dark side of humanity, he tries to capture that what makes us human and afraid.

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Ancient Anger: Book One of the Ancient Spirit Series