Diurnal of Remarkable Occurrents That Have Passed Within the by Thomas Thomson

Diurnal of Remarkable Occurrents That Have Passed Within the

Thomas Thomson
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  • ISBN
    9781150057557 / 1150057556
  • Title Diurnal of Remarkable Occurrents That Have Passed Within the
  • Author Thomas Thomson
  • Format
  • Year 2010
  • Pages 114
  • Publisher
    General Books
  • Imprint General Books
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 229mm x 12mm x 152mm


Title: A Diurnal of Remarkable Occurrents That Have Passed Within the Country of Scotland Since the Death of King James the Fourth Till the Year M.d.lxxv. General Books publication date: 2009 Original publication date: 1833 Original Publisher: s.n. Subjects: Scotland Biography

Publisher Description

This historic book may have numerous typos, missing text or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1833. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... 1 A diurnal of occurrents in scotland. In the first, wpoune the tuantie tua day of februar nynt day of September so. the geir of God J00 vc and threttene geiris, king James the fourt was flaine in the feild of Flowdane be our auld inymies of Ingland. Thair was in this feild mony of the Scottis nobillis flane. They ar to say, Alex' archibischope of Sanctandrois and commendatare of Dunfermeline and Coldinghame, sone naturall to the said king, the bischope of the Ylis, commendatare of Abirbrothok and Ycolmkill, James Stewart abbot of Melros and brother to the Laird of Innermeith, the erllis of Bothwill, Lennox, Arroll, Crawfurd, Cathnes, Montrois and Caffillis, lordis geister, Erlkine, Innermeith, lord Sinclare of Orknay, Homes Falcastell, Colwill and Robert fjir Robert Colwill of Ochiltre, with many vtheris. Afoir his deceis a litill, he past in Ingland with the powar of Scotland, and saigeit the castell of Norhame and gat it, quhilk he kest doun; and als gat Furde and Werk, quhilkis he kest doun, with mony vtheris houffis. And giff he haid vsit the counsall of his lordis that tyme, he mycht have gottin the castell of Berwick, and had cummit hame with greit honour. Bot allace, he adherit to the counsall of strangeris, and swa come of it. It is to be remembrit, that the said king James the fourt, maist nobill 1. a. and vailgeand in armes, Vas gritumlie given to polacie and bigging of palaceis; quhilk wer Halyrudhous and Kintyer, the houffis of Edinbrugh, Striueling and Falkland; and gevin grittumlie to bigging of l chippis and greit devysare thereof; ane greit fauorare of all wertew and science; foundare of mony religious places, as Gray Freris of Striueling, Elgin and Air, with mony vthiris, with the college of the castell of Striueling, and dottit with dignities ...

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Diurnal of Remarkable Occurrents That Have Passed Within the