The Amazing Spider-Man by Tim Bogenn

The Amazing Spider-Man

Tim Bogenn and Kenny Sims
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Lets you harness the web-slinging powers of your friendly neighbourhood super hero - tackle unique enemies like Rhino and Iguana - complete missions, and save the day. This title covers Spider-man's abilities, including acrobatic melee attacks and web shooter abilities.

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BradyGames? “ The Amazing Spider-Man Official Strategy Guide ” includes the following:
THE DESTINY OF THE WORLD...IN THE HEART OF ONE HERO Gransys is a land under siege. Once a generation the Dragon returns, stirring up vicious beasts, foul creatures, and dark-hearted men to ravage the land. Only the Arisen has a chance of standing up to this ancient threat. Journey through this dangerous world, hunt down the Dragon, and take back your heart. COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH Gransys is filled with opportunities. We lead you step-by-step through the entire game from start to finish?locate every story and side quest
EXTENSIVE DATA SECTION Compare stats, locate items, and learn how to get the most out of your equipment enhancements. COMPREHENSIVE BESTIARY Preparation is often your best weapon. Our Bestiary includes data and stats for the creatures populating Gransys, from the lowliest animal to the toughest magickal foe, including expert strategies on taking each one down. IN-DEPTH VOCATION INFORMATION Your Vocation is the heart of your character. We give you everything you need to make informed decisions about selecting a Vocation, increasing your skills, and forming a complementary party. THAT?S NOT ALL Achievements and Trophies Create New Item Combinations Customize and Share Your Pawns

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The Amazing Spider-Man