Long Range Desert Group Patrolman: The Western Desert 1940-43 by Timothy Robert Moreman

Long Range Desert Group Patrolman: The Western Desert 1940-43

Timothy Robert Moreman
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Nicknamed the 'Libyan Desert Taxi Service' by the SAS, the Long Range Desert Group was tasked with strategic reconnaissance and raiding operations deep inside the enemy-held deserts of North Africa. Armed with light weapons only, and equipped with specially converted light cars and trucks capable of withstanding the harsh conditions, the LRDG quickly proved it could operate in parts of the desert which other troops, including the enemy, found impassable. This new Warrior title examines the soldiers of the LRDG from the group's formation, through training, to combat in vast, lonely, and deadly deserts of North Africa.

Publisher Description

The Western Desert 1940-43.

This is a handy and worthwhile reference for those who have an interest in this theatre of operations or who would just like to get further information on this unit. “Alan McNeilly, ” The author included over 50 photographs, many of which are from the archives of the Imperial War Museum. Also included are specially commissioned artworks of seven plates detailing uniforms, equipment and weaponry of the LRDG patrolmen, as well as maps and battle scene art. " (November 2010)""

Author Biography

Tim Moreman is a freelance writer and academic. For several years he lectured in the Department of War Studies at King's College London, where he also obtained his PhD. He also held a six-month appointment as Resident Historian at the Army Staff College at Camberley. In addition to a number of articles and papers, he has also worked for the new 'Dictionary of National Biography' and acted as a historical adviser for the BBC and Carlton Television. This is his first book for Osprey. He is based in Somerset, UK.

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Long Range Desert Group Patrolman: The Western Desert 1940-43