A Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horwitz

A Voyage Long and Strange

Tony Horwitz
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The fascinating story of the early exploration of America

Publisher Description

Long before the Pilgrims, other Europeans pioneered North America, seeking land, converts and cities of gold. By exploring Americas lost, or often repressed, heritage, award-winning writer Tony Horwitz unmasks the country's founding myths. A Voyage Long and Strange opens with the Vikings in AD 1000, but focuses on the neglected period in early American history between Columbus's voyage of 1492 and the Pilgrims' arrival in 1620. Horwitz recaptures the adventures of non-English explorers and the drama of the first contact with native peoples during this period. He also sets out on his own journey of rediscovery, travelling in the explorer's wake to reveal the enduring influence that early Europeans had on America. Why, Horwitz asks, do we remember history the way we do? During his long and strange journey, from Indian sweat lodges to Columbus's crypt, he exposes the revealing gap between what we enshrine and what we forget about our past. A Voyage Long and Strange is a gripping historical adventure that illuminates not only America's early European history, but also the memory and myths that give the past power in the present day.

'Enlightening and entertaining ... perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of this exemplary popular history is the way it shows that wisdom is all around us, if only we'd take the trouble to learn' — Guardian 'Enthralling' — Scotland on Sunday 'A Voyage Long and Strange" is a history-fueled, self-imposed mission of rediscovery, atravelogue that sets out to explore the surprisingly long list of explorers who discoveredAmerica, and what discovered means anyway ... surprisingly fun and funny' — Publisher's Weekly 'Irreverent, effervescent reexamination of early exploration in the Americas by peripatetic, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Horwitz ... Accessible to all ages, hands-on and immensely readable, this book invites readers to search out America's story for themselves' — Kirkus 'This has been one of my best non-fiction reads for a while: really thought provoking' — Historical Novels Review 'Well researched, perceptive ... and sprinkled with acerbic humour' — Traveller 'Horwitz ... is meticulous in his history but genial and easy to read' — The American

Author Biography

Tony Horwitz, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting for the Wall Street Journal, is the author of CONFEDERATES IN THE ATTIC, BAGHDAD WITHOUT A MAP, ONE FOR THE ROAD and INTO THE BLUE, a New York Times bestseller. He lives in Marthas Vineyard with his wife, Geraldine Brooks, and their son Nathaniel.

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A Voyage Long and Strange