Jethro Sirius Experiment by Trevor Mason

Jethro Sirius Experiment

Trevor Mason
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  • ISBN
    9781450272919 / 1450272916
  • Title Jethro Sirius Experiment
  • Author Trevor Mason
  • Category Science Fiction
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 192
  • Publisher
  • Imprint iUniverse
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 235mm x 191mm

Publisher Description

"Jethro Sirius is 'Star Wars' meets 'Harry Potter' meets 'The Rolling Stones' all rolled into one big, giant, intergalactic space burrito "

When their parents, who happen to be in one of the biggest rock bands in the known universe, go missing while on an inter-galactic tour, four young aliens decide to pick up where their parents left off and form their own band, 'The Jethro Sirius Experiment'.

Left to their own devices including a Space Bus equipped with its own water park and aided by the ship's computer, Libby, the band sets out on an epic adventure of universal proportions. Having decided to masquerade as their parent's band and continue on with the tour while at the same time searching for their missing parents, the young alien rockers soon find out that the Universe is both a wonderful and dangerous place full of giant Space Slugs, plant people, bounty hunters, Monsturds, slave traders, space goblins and an evil maniacal ego obsessed villain that looks like a furry pink bunny rabbit.

“Jethro Sirius” is a wildly amusing sci-fi adventure story that will engage your inner rockstar and leave you wishing you had a guitar in your hands.

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Jethro Sirius Experiment