DIY Super for Dummies by Trish Power

DIY Super for Dummies

Trish Power
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  • ISBN
    9780730378075 / 0730378071
  • Title DIY Super for Dummies
  • Author Trish Power
  • Category Pensions
    Personal Finance
  • Format
  • Year 2011
  • Pages 320
  • Publisher
    John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
  • Imprint John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
  • Edition

Publisher Description

Use this comprehensive and easy-to-understand resource to set up and run your own self-managed super fund. Discover how to manage your fund, stay on the right side of the DIY super rules, invest your super cash and run a pension from your SMSF. Find independent guidance - utilise Trish Power's knowledge of DIY super and her plain-English explanation of how super operates; Set up a DIY super fund - find out how to create a SMSF in just ten steps; Run your SMSF - learn to steer your fund's super CART (Compliance, Administration, Reporting and Tax obligations); Enhance your super savings - make contributions to prepare for a comfortable retirement; Pay benefits from your DIY super fund - discover how you can pay lump sums or run a pension from your SMSF; Understand tax-free super benefits - take advantage of tax-free super for over-60s and, potentially, pay no tax before age 60.

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DIY Super for Dummies