Cooking Science by Vicenc Altaio

Cooking Science

Vicenc Altaio, Ferran Adria and Josep Perello
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Fundacio Alicia's task (cooking and science) comipled in this original volume, including QR codes that augment this book's reality

Publisher Description

Condensed matter. Cooking science invites us to look at cooking, gastronomy and nutrition through the scientist's eyes and see them as a truly cultural activity which brings a wealth of knowledge into play. Challenging the predominance of visual culture, our eating habits and the pleasure of food privilege the senses of taste, touch, smell and even hearing. Perception and landscape define our cooking, but cooking also has a component of reflection and innovation based on scientific and technological research. Informed by this awareness, the new Catalan cuisine as exemplified by the Fundacio Alicia is a major force for culinary innovation. This volume constitutes a unique document of this task. The book 's QR codes link the paper media with the digital media, augmenting the reality and giving further information.

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Cooking Science