Warren Ellis’ Dark Blue by Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis’ Dark Blue

Warren Ellis
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  • ISBN
    9780970678430 / 0970678436
  • Title Warren Ellis’ Dark Blue
  • Author Warren Ellis
  • Category The Arts: General Issues
  • Format
  • Year 2001
  • Pages 72
  • Publisher
    Avatar Press
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 168mm x 4mm x 264mm


- Violent, disturbed cop Frank Christchurch has too many problems. He has a partner who's convinced he's mentally ill, a commanding officer on smack, and a killer whom no one else seems to want to catch. The pressure of his savage life is triggering murderous outbursts and hallucinations. Frank Christchurch is on the way down. And he might take everyone with him. Nothing is as it seems.

Author Biography

Warren Ellis is one of the most prolific, read, and admired graphic novelists in the world and the creator of “Transmetropolitan” and “The Authority”. He lives in southern England with his partner, Niki, and their daughter, Lilith. He never sleeps.

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Warren Ellis’ Dark Blue