Boys’ Stuff: Boys Talking about What Matters by Wayne Martino

Boys’ Stuff: Boys Talking about What Matters

Wayne Martino and Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
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Honest and real, this book offers a revealing look at the lives of teenage boys as they reflect on their lives and confront the important and controversial issues they face as teenagers today, from sex, friends, and sports to drugs, music, school, and family. They explain what the rules are, confess how they break them, and explore the mystery of what is really “cool.”

Publisher Description

Teenage boys tell us what they think about growing up, friends, sex, sport, drugs - no holds barred. What do guys think about friends, parents, sex, sport, drugs and everything else that matters? In Boys' Stuff, teenagers write about their lives. It's honest, raw and real. They talk about what the rules are, how they break them, and what's really cool. If I haven't done it by the time I'm 21, I'm going to cut it off and become a monk. Johnny My room smells of eleven summers, winters, autumns and springs. It smells of the body odour released after a restless night's sleep and the deodorant which is in a constant battle to fight it. Bryan You're supposed to go to the footy, you're supposed to drink a six-pack every week and you're supposed to watch action movies over and over again. I don't like football, I don't like cricket, and I can cook. I think being a man is whatever you want it to be. Andrew I've never really attempted suicide. I merely went through the motions, seeing what the pain would be like, without committing myself to death...Back then, I had no one to talk to. Keith Funny, tragic, shocking and true, Boys' Stuff is better than fiction.

Shortlisted for APA Design Awards: Best Designed Children's Non-Fiction Book 2002.
Shortlisted for Western Australian Premier's Book Awards: Children & Young Adults 2001.

Author Biography

Wayne Martino has been a high-school English teacher and now lectures in Education at Murdoch University. He has written books for teachers on masculinity, including Gender and Texts (AATE 1998), From the Margins (Fremantle Arts Centre Press 1997) and What About the Boys? (Open University Press 2001). Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli is well-known for her work on equity issues in schools and youth sexual health, and is senior lecturer in the School of Health Sciences at Deakin University. Maria is also editor of Girls' Talk (Finch 1998) and author of Someone You Know (Wakefield 1991), Tapestry (Random 1999), the story of four generations of Italian women. Together they are writing So What's a Boy? (Open University Press 2001).

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  • It is a quite interesting and useful book for teenage boys as well as their parents and carers. Highly recommend it!

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Boys’ Stuff: Boys Talking about What Matters