A Portrait of Gonville & Caius College by Wei-Yao Liang

A Portrait of Gonville & Caius College

Wei-Yao Liang
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  • ISBN
    9781903942901 / 190394290X
  • Title A Portrait of Gonville & Caius College
  • Author Wei-Yao Liang
  • Category Social & Cultural History

  • Format
  • Year 2009
  • Pages 192
  • Publisher
    Third Millenium Pub Ltd
  • Imprint Third Millennium Publishing
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 246mm x 25mm x 284mm


A beautifully illustrated portrait of Cambridge University's Gonville & Caius College, featuring special photography by Pulitzer Prize winning American photographer Dan White.

Publisher Description

This book celebrates two anniversaries in the long history of this College. It is 660 years since its College's first foundation by Edmund Gonville in 1348 and 450 years since the second foundation by Dr John Caius in 1558. Buildings alone do not make a College, no matter how beautiful they may be; and yet they provide a vital support for this powerful intellectual community that renews itself year after year. Caius is a living continuum of study, contemplation, enquiry and expression stretching in an unbroken line all the way back to the Middle Ages. The book opens with a brilliant encapsulation of the story of the College's growth and development from 1348 to 2008, written by the master historian of Caius, Professor Christopher Brooke. This is followed by a breathtaking panorama of images of Caius in the twenty-first century. Dan White shows us the College through fresh eyes. He delights in contrasting ancient traditions with irrepressible youth. He portrays a vibrant community of students, fellows, staff and benefactors, all contributing in their own way to the multi-faceted life of the College.
Dan's unforgettable images are also perfectly complemented by the photographs of College President, Professor Wei-Yao Liang, who captures the subtle beauty of the College through its many moods and seasons.

Author Biography

Yao Liang, Professor Emeritus of Superconductivity and a keen photgrapher, started life in Caius in 1963 as a PhD student, later a Research Fellow, College Lecturer, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences and Professorial Fellow, now Life Fellow and President of the College.

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A Portrait of Gonville & Caius College