Captive Orbits by Willa Dawn Cotton

Captive Orbits

Willa Dawn Cotton
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Identical twins Ginny and Noelle Cates are thrilled to be touring the magnificent Mandrake Hall mansion on their visit to Newport, Rhode Island. But when they get locked inside overnight with the ghosts of the past, things are not so thrilling. Ginny and Noelle awaken to find themselves in a strange new world full of people who believe them to be someone else. Is it a case of mistaken identity or is there something more sinister going on? As the girls struggle to understand what is really happening in the mysterious mansion in which they are trapped with nowhere to run, Ginny and Noelle must confront the inhabitants of this strange new world in their efforts to find their way home, and to learn that sometimes you have to lose yourself in the most unexpected places in order to truly find yourself. Captive Orbits is a story of loneliness and loss, and the search to find happiness again after tragedy. It explores the bond between sisters and the love that binds family even across time, space, and generations.

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Captive Orbits