The Betrayal by Y.A. Erskine

The Betrayal

Y.A. Erskine
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  • ISBN
    9781742750187 / 1742750184
  • Title The Betrayal
  • Author Y.A. Erskine
  • Category Crime & Mystery
  • Format
  • Year 2012
  • Pages 432
  • Publisher
    Transworld Publishers (Division of Random House Australia)
  • Imprint Bantam
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 156mm x 231mm x 33mm

Publisher Description

An engrossing novel of corruption and injustice at the heart of the police system, from the author of The Brotherhood. Tasmania is in the grip of one of the longest, bleakest winters on record and it's particularly icy at the Hobart Police Station. Of the many golden rules in policing, one is especially sacred: what happens at work stays at work. So when a naive young constable, Lucy Howard, makes an allegation of sexual assault against a respected colleague, the rule is well and truly broken. Soon the station is divided. From Lucy's fellow rookies right up to the commissioner himself - everyone must take a side. With grudges, prejudices and hidden agendas coming into play, support arrives from the unlikeliest of corners. But so too does betrayal ...

A gritty, thought-provoking novel from the author of “THE BROTHERHOOD”. As a former Tasmanian police officer, Y A Erskine gives a blisteringly authentic portrayal of police life. Will appeal to both crime fiction fans, and fans of Dilemma Fiction, such as Jodi Picoult and Caroline Overington. As with “THE BROTHERHOOD”, each chapter is narrated from a different character's point of view. When telling the truth is the ultimate crime ...

Author Biography

Yvette Erskine spent eleven years in the Tasmania Police Service. She was active in frontline policing, served as a detective in the CIB and as an investigator in a high-profile, two-year covert task force investigating an international abalone smuggling ring. In her spare time she was member of the elite Protective Security Section, was present the day the Queen narrowly avoided being taken out by a disgruntled republican wielding a rotten tomato in Launceston. Yvette is also an historian by trade, having gained first-class honours in an early modern history degree; she recently completed the second year of her PhD in Tudor Reformation History. She also has a teaching degree and spent six months trying to enthuse teenagers about English and History before admitting that she had failed spectacularly and should have stuck to locking them up instead. Yvette currently lives in Melbourne and is happily married with two dogs.

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The Betrayal