Textbook Romance by Zoe Foster

Textbook Romance

Zoe Foster and Hamish Blake
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  • ISBN
    9780143009474 / 0143009478
  • Title Textbook Romance
  • Author Zoe Foster and Hamish Blake
  • Category Family & Relationships
  • Format
  • Year 2009
  • Pages 272
  • Publisher
    Penguin Books Australia
  • Imprint Penguin Books Australia
  • Dimensions 131mm x 199mm x 20mm


The last word on dating rules, written by two hip, young authors with the right blend of love smarts and wry humour. Whether you're trying to get your partner to commit or trying to find one in the first place, Zoe and Hamish's advice is sure to help.

Publisher Description

Wouldn't it be great if there was a textbook with clear lessons on clever dating and how to build that Perfect Relationship? One that tells it straight but lets you laugh at yourself too? One that leaves you with your dignity and your personality intact? There is! Zoe Foster, relationships guru, provides whip-smart step-by-step lessons in successful romancing, with male commentary from self-confessed male, Hamish Blake. From 'Never Drink and Text' to the secrets of avoiding the 'Thai and Tracksuit Pants Curse' and the meaning of 'Engaging the Apricot', Textbook Romance is essential reading for every girl looking for love that lasts.

Author Biography

Zoe Foster (Blake) enjoys writing author biographies because she gets to write things like 'The literary world was in shock when Zoe Foster was controversially awarded the Pulitzer for the second time', despite the fact that this is patently untrue. Things that are true include her roles as columnist for News Corp's Sunday Style, agony aunt for Cosmopolitan magazine and ratbag behind zotheysay.com, as well as being the founder of the all-natural skincare line, Go-To. She was previously beauty director at Harper's BAZAAR, and prior to that beauty director at Cosmopolitan magazine, and before that, well, she was probably just flying kites somewhere. Zoe has written four novels, Air Kisses, Playing the Field, The Younger Man and The Wrong Girl, as well as the dating and relationship book Textbook Romance, written in conjunction with Hamish Blake. She also wrote the bestseller Amazing Face, a collection of her best beauty tips and tricks, which also has a handy app. Her dream is to one day come up with an impressive dream for this final sentence. zotheysay.com zoefoster.com.au fruitybeauty.com.au twitter.com/zotheysay

User Reviews
  • I am still reading this book, nearly finished and i am finding it awesome, very interesting, i can see how i stuffed up before...this is a wonderful book to get you back in the game again or simply just starting out!!! I recommend this book.

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Textbook Romance