About Us

Our Company

TheNile.com.au is an Australian online department store. As one of the most successful and trusted online retailers in the local market, we thrive upon a foundation of excellent, friendly customer service, a clear and easy-to-use website, and an unbeatable range of items available at low prices.

From our base in Artarmon on Sydney's North Shore, we serve happy customers all over Australia. With over 10 million items available, we offer every kind of book under the sun, including fiction, cookbooks, humour, biography, travel, professional and university textbooks. Plus whatever you need from our baby, toy, health & beauty, movie departments and much more.

Our History

The Nile was founded as Mercury Retail in 2003 in Auckland, New Zealand, by Jethro Marks and Mark Taylor. From the beginning, the company's objective was to become a leading player in Australasia's burgeoning online retail industry. Secure in their belief that Kiwi and Aussie consumers wanted to buy both online and from a local retailer, Jethro and Mark set about identifying the ideal product category to build the business. After experimenting with everything from jewellery to toy models to handicrafts, they eventually settled upon books as the most exciting market upon which to focus their energies.

Various incarnations of an online bookstore were experimented with, until in 2006 The Nile brand and website were launched in their current form. The following year, on the back of thunderous growth across the Tasman, head office was moved from Auckland to Sydney. With the management hub situated in the trendy inner-west suburb of Balmain, warehousing and distribution were originally outsourced and based in the commercial zone of Mascot.

As The Nile's reputation and customer base continued to increase, the team of employees was expanded to include more customer services, distribution and IT personnel, as well as enthusiastic editorial staff to keep the online store up-to-date with the latest releases and recommended titles, produce our increasingly popular email newsletter, Delta, and increase our outreach through social media.

A desire to control more of the order fulfilment process, expand our stock holding capabilities and offer faster delivery to customers motivated the move in 2009 to our current premises in Artarmon, where we now successfully operate our own distribution facility.

In 2010 Jethro and Mark realised that there was an opportunity to offer their customers even more than just books. DVDs were first added, then music and now we have nine different departments with more on the way.

As The Nile continues to grow and reach an ever-widening pool of customers in Australia, we are constantly exploring new opportunities and experimenting with new initiatives, methods and ideas to make our website, service and overall buyer experience better. Looking back on our eventful and positive history, Jethro, Mark and the whole team remain passionate about the bright and exciting future for online retail in Australia and The Nile's role within it.

Our Culture

In the highly competitive online retail market, customer satisfaction is everything. At The Nile we seek to achieve it in a number of ways, including:

  • presenting the widest range of items
  • offering the most competitive pricing
  • developing the most user-friendly and content-rich website
  • furnishing our customers with the online tools and recommendations they need to find what they want
  • maintaining the friendliest customer service
  • delivering the fastest and most reliable shipping to your door
  • providing the most efficient after-sale service
These are not merely a set of marketing points, but the principles to which we aspire every day. They form the backbone of the attitude we inculcate in all our staff members, and the retail vision that we wish to present to the Australian public.

Work for us

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