Help: Price Changes

I recently purchased an item and the price on your site is now less than I paid. Why is this?

We want to provide both the widest range of products and the lowest prices possible. To achieve this, we draw from a broad network of distributors and suppliers.

For any given item (eg a Harry Potter book), there may be several different suppliers we can choose from. Wherever possible, we will select the cheapest supplier, and our pricing will reflect the cost of acquiring from that supplier.

However, the availability of products is constantly changing. If a product is available from a certain supplier today, it may no longer be available from them tomorrow, or vice versa. Our suppliers give us regular updates of availability, and we use these to update our own website constantly.

As soon as a product becomes cheaper from a new supplier, we will switch to acquiring it from that supplier, and reduce our own pricing.

Can I get a refund for the difference?

If you have already been sent an item, we are unable to issue a refund if the price has dropped since you purchased it.

This is because the stock you have been sent was purchased and paid for by us at a higher cost. Asking us to apply the current pricing retroactively is effectively asking us to take a loss on a historical transaction.

While we can understand the frustration you may feel, this would not be a sustainable practice for any retailer. Our policy here is consistent will all major retailers, including both online retailers and physical chain stores.