Baby Mama / Away We Go (Pink Ribbon)

Baby Mama / Away We Go (Pink Ribbon)

Sam Mendes and Michael McCullers
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  • EAN 5050582804874
  • Title Baby Mama / Away We Go (Pink Ribbon)
  • Genre Romance
  • Format DVD (Region 4)
  • Director Sam Mendes, Michael McCullers
  • Cast Jeff Daniels, Allison Janney, Maya Rudolph, John Krasinski, Tina Fey
  • Classification strong coarse language, sexual references
  • Run Time 200
  • Year 2010



Academy Award winning director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) brings us this hilarious and heartfelt story of a young couple embarking on the most exciting, frightening, strange, and wonderful journey imaginable: starting a family and settling down.


Successful and single businesswoman Kate Holbrook (Fey) has long put her career ahead of a personal life. Now 37, she's determined to have a kid of her own until she discovers she has no chance of getting pregnant. Undaunted, Kate allows working girl Angie (Poehler) to become her unlikely surrogate. But her well-organised strategy is turned upside down when her Baby Mama shows up at her doorstep with no place to live. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object as structured Kate tries to turn vibrant Angie into the perfect expectant mom. In a comic battle of wills, they will struggle their way through preparation for the baby's arrival.

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Baby Mama / Away We Go (Pink Ribbon)