Creature of Darkness [Region 1]

Creature of Darkness [Region 1]

Mark Stouffer
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  • EAN 0039414521382
  • Title Creature of Darkness [Region 1]
  • Artist Devon Sawa
  • Genre Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Run Time 90
  • Format DVD (Region 1)
  • Studio Mti Home Video
  • Director Mark Stouffer
  • Cast Dan White, Sanoe Lake, Siena Goines, Devon Sawa
  • Classification creature violence/gore, language and brief nudity
  • Year 2010


A man, haunted by a nightmare of dying at the hands of an alien, goes on a trip with his friends and they discover that the alien in his dreams is real and hunting down everyone in their group.


Andrew is haunted by the nightmare of dying a horrible death in the claw of a rampaging creature. A friend convinces him the only way to conquer imagined fear is to confront it head on. When they invite an adventurous group of off-roaders for radical cycling in remote terrain, no one knows they are being led to the time and place the nightmare unfolds.

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Creature of Darkness [Region 1]