Curb Your Enthusiasm:ssn6 [Region 1]

Curb Your Enthusiasm:ssn6 [Region 1]

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  • EAN 0883929001361
  • Title Curb Your Enthusiasm:ssn6 [Region 1]
  • Artist Your Enthusiasm Curb
  • Genre Television: HBO
  • Run Time 300
  • Format DVD (Region 1)
  • Studio Hbo Studios
  • Year 2008


Blending fact with fiction, the series follows “Seinfeld” co-creator Larry David as he fumbles through everyday life."HBO presents Season Six of the Emmy-winning comedy series starring writer/producer/comedian Larry David. This season, see Larry take in a family of Blacks, make a generous donation, pay his respects to the dead, and befriend the handicapped. Is Larry David the most magnanimous man we know—or the most misunderstood."


10 episodes on 2 DVDs.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm:ssn6 [Region 1]