Desperate Housewives:season 4 [Region 1]

Desperate Housewives:season 4 [Region 1]

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  • EAN 0786936754155
  • Title Desperate Housewives:season 4 [Region 1]
  • Artist Housewives Desperate
  • Genre Television: Series
  • Format DVD (Region 1)
  • Studio Buena Vista
  • Year 2008


Follows the secrets and mysteries surrounding a group of female friends living on the suburban street of Wisteria Lane.


Take a trip to the steamy side of suburbia as the acclaimed hit Desperate Housewives is hotter, hipper and even more exciting in its sizzling fourth season. “It's time for you to move back to Wisteria Lane,” proclaims Entertainment Weekly. Temperatures are rising behind the closed doors of TV's favorite guilty pleasure. Primetime's most desired women are back, and they're joined by an old friend (Dana Delany) who brings the simmering neighborhood to a boil. Experience all 17 episodes of Season Four in a scintillating 5-disc set. Blazing with exclusive bonus features, including a behind-the-scenes look at how an episode moves from the casting room to your TV screen, Desperate Housewives burns even brighter on DVD.

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Desperate Housewives:season 4 [Region 1]